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Daily Cheese, Weekly Cheese

So, I was going to make one of those comments about not blogging for a week, but then I looked at the calendar and realized that it’s really been over two since I’ve actually written something here (I’m not counting the automatic posts). Ouch. I can say though that seven days without an XBox […]

Workin’ Again

It’s been a while in coming, but I finally have a new position. Starting this morning I’m now working as an Implementation Engagement Manager for a local company, responsible for successful configuration and deployment of next generation communication systems. That basically means managing projects from the initial sale through deployment, rollout, training and transition to […]

Gas Prices Down

Last spring, when gas prices were shooting skyward, everyone was writing posts, expressing their shock and disgust, and showing pictures of their local stations’ prices. Well, here we are today with the lowest prices in just over a year. According to, the last time we saw prices this low was the week of December […]

No Work Email on Weekends

It’s Friday afternoon, and Tim Sanders has some thoughts on sending work-related email on weekends. These habits can ruin weekends, drive turnover and burnout and weaken relationships. In other words, not a good idea. (Unless you’re writing to schedule a job interview with me , in which case a phone call would probably be better […]

New Year’s Plan

Ah, the first – fresh new year, full of hope and opportunities. My hope plan for the new year is a new opportunity. I’m very much looking forward to new employment, a new position, to getting back to out-of-the-home productivity (and the paycheck that goes along with it). But not today. Today’s the day for […]

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