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Xbox 360 at 170 MPH

Along with playing with my friends in sci-fi and otherwise impossible scenarios [Halo 2, Chromehounds], much of my enjoyment in playing video games comes from doing things that I’ll never have the skill, guts or money to do in reality. Driving a Lamborghini Murciélago R-GT at 150+ mph through the streets of New York City […]

Crystal Quest

Oh my goodness – as if you didn’t need one, here’s the reason to be looking for an Xbox 360. Major Nelson just broke the news of an upcoming game to be added to the Xbox Live Arcade… none other than Crystal Quest! For those who might not remember, or who weren’t fortunate enough to […]

Rumors of Xbox 360 Shortages

PirateT7I haven’t played much Xbox recently; we’ve been busy and it doesn’t help that the good TV’s out of commission. I’m looking forward to Xbox 360, though we may not get one the first week or two of release – we didn’t pre-order. There are rumors that even those who did pre-order may not get […]

Xbox 360 Pricing

Well, if you care at all about the upcoming Xbox 360, you’ve probably already seen the news but here it is anyway: $399. Console, wireless controller, detachable hard disk, headset, remote control and cables. Oh yea, and there’s also a lower-cost option, the Xbox 360 Core System, but get real – why bother? It’s not […]

Johnson on Video Games

“What is the current reigning technological paradigm — combined with both market and public-sector forces — doing to our minds?” Steven Johnson, who I heard interviewed on the radio this afternoon, tackles that in a book that I’m very much looking forward to reading: Everything Bad Is Good for You. I wrote a paper back […]

Xbox Next

As Rob and others have pointed out, there are rumors that XBox 2 won’t be backwards-compatible – that it won’t play games from the original. If this is true, would be a immensely stupid mistake. If none of my old games will work, and I’ve got to start over when I get a new console, […]

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