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Look Ma - No Hands!

Monday Morning Excitement

My wife and I awoke with a start at about 3 this morning, and my son immediately came running down the hall asking if we’d heard a noise. We most certainly had, though I wasn’t sure if it was just part of a dream until he asked. This was no dream. We checked around and didn’t see anything, but a few minutes later we heard it again; definately gunshots.

A short while later we heard a man’s voice, muffled through the windows to the point of not being understandable. I opened a second-floor window and listened for a bit. It was an official-sounding voice on a Public Address system, so we went back out to see what was up. Several houses away we could see a police car. Alpharetta PoliceThe officer was shining his spotlight into yards, looking for something or someone, then he got back on the PA.

“Come out with your hands up, we will get you the medical attention you need. Continuing this will only make things worse.”

Needless to say, we sprinted back in the house, bolted the doors and didn’t stick our heads out again!

About 6am an officer knocked on the door and told us that we weren’t going anywhere. “There’s a situation down there and the road’s closed. Nobody’s to leave their house, we’ll let you know when you can leave.”

All’s well that ends well, and within the hour they were back, giving the all-clear. I checked with the officer making the rounds and there were no injuries, which is good news. As we headed out to work and school we passed a large number of officers, S.W.A.T. team members, vehicles, etc. There wasn’t anything on the news for a while, but eventually some information was released.

A police spokesman said when officers tried to arrest Garnett, he resisted arrest and slammed the front door. According to officers, Garnett then yelled to his wife “Go get my gun.”
CBS News 46 (they may have the guy’s name wrong, or perhaps our 7 year old neighborhood roster is incorrect)

Just a couple of months ago we’d had a couple of officers visit during our yearly neighborhood block party, to introduce themselves and give us updated information about the Neighborhood Watch program and our participation. We all — neighbors and officers both — commented on how quiet our neighborhood was, the officers even said that in their ~10 years on patrol they’d never gotten a call here. That’s certainly changed now.


  1. Scary – I only got woken up by alarms from ups’s at work stating the power is off (but forgetting to tell me it is back on again) – not nearly as exciting. However, *this* morning I got woken up by the sound of something falling over – think it was some tree branches hitting the roof – too dark to go out and investigate yet – but still not as exciting……

  2. Holy cow Steve, that’s a little too close for comfort! And I thought being awakened by a barking dog now & then was disturbing…

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