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Look Ma - No Hands!

Red Sox Prevail in Late-Night Championship

Congratulations to Wills Park (Alpharetta GA) league’s Red Sox, who finished up another great season last night. First Baseman It was a double-header night, with both games against a very strong White Sox team. The Red Sox’s record was such that a single win would take the championship, while the White Sox could take the trophy with two wins.

The first game was a close loss, which pushed the night to a second game. The Red Sox had a good lead, though the White Sox were threatening, at 11pm when the automatic timers shut the lights off. League officials were onhand for the season championship games and were able to get the field re-lit for the final two innings. The Red Sox shut down their opponent’s pre-darkness scoring drive and drove their win home with even more runs scored.

With the game finished and midnight approaching, trophies were handed out and the boys — as well as coaches & parents — began their celebrations.

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