Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

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Posted by Steven, 3/8/00 at 7:04:28 AM.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Atlanta. Definately a lunch-in-the-park day, preferrably with a good book. Today I was wandering through the skies of the U.S. midwest with Rinker Buck and his brother in Flight of Passage.

A day like today makes me think… less than one month to go until opening day. Go Braves! Hmmmm, I wonder what spring training games are being televised?

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent. A time when we decide to forego something, sweets more often than not. So what’s just arrived this morning? My shipment of Girl Scout cookies. sigh

Is Linux ready for “the desktop” (by which I assume it’s meant “the desktop of average business and home users”)? The folks at SuSE seem to be a little confused about what their answer should be.

Thinking about attending Microsoft TechEd this June? Get your info and registration done early.

January’s MIND has an article on SOAP – get yerself clean.

Lead ’em well, James

This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/7/00 at 4:54:53 AM.

First of all, let me congratulate Troop 69’s new Senior Patrol Leader, Eric, and the new Patrol Leader of the Frog Patrol… James

Well, it seems that CNN’s caught the MS Office-on-Linux bug. They’re painting a senario when “…one program from your Windows days now runs on your Linux box. It bears the telltale green, orange, yellow, and blue puzzle-piece logo: It’s Microsoft Office.”

Meanwhile, over on MSN, Don Watkins is talking about Windows’ file associations and how to make ’em do what you want. Image that, a computer that does what you want it to! What’s the world coming to? A follow-up question might be “Why do new applications keep grabbing the associations without asking?” Please, developers, keep your users — also known as customers (remember them?) — in mind and ask first.

Somebody called PurpleKnuckles has an article called Let’s Make It A Cross-Platform World over on osOpinion. I agree with some of his conclusions, though not necessarily with the ways he got there. And do we really need more laws? Speak up (click on the CowSkull below), what are your thoughts on the topic.

Some days, you know when you’ve reached the end.

Round ’em up

This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/6/00 at 5:21:41 AM.

M.Miller says that Mozilla is getting close enough to “soup” to actually try.

Troop 69’ers, remember that elections will be held at tonight’s meeting.

Words from Professor Hernandez to think about: “We need to practice out-of-control as well as practicing in-control.” He was speaking of martial arts, but does this apply to other aspects of our lives as well?

Similarly, at our dojo, we practice Karate and Ju-Jitsu. Professor Hernandez was teaching Chinese arts. Is the crossover worthwhile? You better believe it. Now, apply that to the “other” side of our lives – would a little bit of NT knowledge hurt those in the Linux camp? How ’bout some Linux experience for your MCSE’s? Do you think that one tool can truly “do it all” or would your shop be a better place if it were more well-rounded? Click on the skull and let me know what you think.

“computers possess the truly profound stupidity of the inanimate” — Bruce Sterling

Life is too short to waste

This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/4/00 at 7:26:36 AM.

Professor Hernandez is at KarateWorks of Roswell today; adult session 12:20-2:30.

Today’s AJC column by Furman Bisher takes a look into the furor surrounding John Rocker and, more importantly, our reaction to his “comments”.

In the meantime, work continues in the efforts to aid those in Mozambique.

My 9 year-old has discovered the fun of strategy gaming with Age of Empires.

David Thornburg on using computers to aid teachers. “..This does not mean, however, that any program filled with rich media elements is automatically valuable. Our task in education is to engage, not entertain, the learner.” Hmm… content more important than flash, perhaps?

Hey, today’s Word.Of.The.Day is none other than “Mickey Mouse”!

MSN seems to have some columnists who don’t quite agree, at lest until you read a little deeper. Kate Chase appears to be saying not to upgrade to Windows 2000, while Jason Anderson argues for the upgrade. What do I think? I think I’ll wait until after I finish my interoperability thoughts column. :-)

Meanwhile, in the Linux camp, David Spector continues his series on Network Analysis tools.

And yes, Michael, there is a tool to compile that Perl utility we just wrote. perlman:perlfaq3 suggests that doing so isn’t worthwhile, but for situations where users have their own systems (common in the Windows world) and don’t want to install Perl, this may be a good way to distribute your utilities.

The good folks over at have set up a way to automate creation of two-way-links by looking at weblogs. Cool, huh?

What can be said about Today that hasn’t already been said?

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Posted by Steven, 3/2/00 at 5:05:08 AM.

So, I’m a day late in mentioning the 10th anniversary of the Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games – I’m sorry. But at least I spent last night reading Bruce Sterling’s account of 1990.

“According to a 1999 national survey sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, 40% of adults say that they are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with their daily activities.” (CBS HealthWatch) Maybe that explaines these pages? “Exercising in the afternoon is more likely to lead to nighttime sleep” – so those Karate sessions should help.

You have heard that Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport is now officially the busiest, right? More passengers, more flights, more operations. And a higher average flight-delay than O’Hare.

Speaking of Atlanta, if you’re in the area on Saturday, March 18th, be sure to stop by the Atlanta Area Council’s Scout Show. Downtown, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Come see what the area’s scouts are up to.

Only eight days left until Family Lego Build Night!

And here’s the story I mentioned yesterday about the Angry Moose,

Welcome, stranger. Part II

This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Posted by Steven, 3/1/00 at 7:31:55 AM.

Hey, it’s March already. Where has the year gone?

Thanks to Hack The Planet, which led me to EditThisPage and Manila in general.

The thing to do these days seems to be to bash Well, the accusations flying ’bout the net do look bad and there are some well-respected people coming out in opposition to their actions, but I’ll let you decide on your own. is probably the best place to get details about the boycotts and anti-Amazon articles in general.

Speaking of books… Here’s what I’m currently reading (or re-reading) Programming Perl, 2nd edition and Object Oriented Perl.

I’ve recently finished Dune, Snow Crash, and two Star Wars books Specter of the Past and Vision of the Future. Other books I’ve read so far in 2000 include Ender’s Shadow, The Insurection in Dublin, Nimitz Class, Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business, Pastwatch, The Silver Robin (by Dean Marshall, long out of print), and Allegiance (by my great-grandfather Robert Brennan, also long out of print).

Hmm, this looks interesting. From a CNN Books article, a programmed author.

Brutus creates stories about lies, self-deception and acts of betrayal.

There is no dark muse inspiring Brutus, though. No torturous plumbing of the writer’s soul.

Brutus is, after all, a computer blueprint.

Brutus.1, in comparison, can write much more sophisticated prose. But after seven years of development, Brutus.1 remains a limited writer.

Did you see the article on CNN about the moose that walked over someone’s car?. No, I can’t provide a pointer right now, CNN’s web looks really honked. I’m getting 404 errors and their top-level just looks like this:

click here >TD width="2"

Cool, eh? Good to know that misteaks aren’t something that only I make.

Welcome, stranger.

This is a reconstruction of a post from my first blog,, with text pulled from The Wayback Machine.

Welcome to my new Manila site.

This site will contain various ramblings. A little of what’s going on in my life, a little of what I see going on “out there” – who knows what exactly.

Hey, I’m just experimenting here.

Oh, and happy Leap Day.

Remember, my old stuff can be found at If you really wanted to see any of that.