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Some friends have asked for detailed instructions on uploading files to Dropbox, so here’s a quick guide.

First, watch this video, which explains some concepts that are very important – especially that there’s really only one of each file, and that all changes are kept in sync. That means that if you delete a file we’re sharing, it’s deleted for all of us.

The application you can install is very useful, as I described in the video. But… if you can’t or don’t want to install the dropbox application that’s OK too. You can simply use your browser to upload files for us to use.

First is of course to go to and log into your account. Create yourself an account if you don’t have one. No, I can’t tell you what your password is :-)

You should have gotten an invitation to our shared folder at some point in the past – if you can’t find it please send me email and let me know what email address you use with your dropbox account.

a dropbox invitation

You should see a listing of all your files and folders, including the shared folder.

a shared folder

Click on the shared folder to see all the files and folders that are available to everyone in the group.

contents of a shared folder

Note that we have a pre-built PowerPoint presentation, you are invited to download the Master by right-clicking on it and choosing Download. That will give you a template that works well for Life Nights and Retreats. Choose .PPT if you have an older version of Microsoft PowerPoint, .PPTX if you’ve got a more recent version.

choosing a file to download

Navigate to the folder you want by clicking on the folder names – for example, “Spring Retreat Feb 2013″ and then “4.Saturday Evening.” To go ‘up’ to the previous folder, just click the folder icon next to the name of the current folder’s title.

going up

To upload a file simply click on the small icon of a file with a plus sign and choose your file.


Via the web interface, you must upload each file individually and each file you upload through the website must be 10 GB or less.

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