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Wanna Zoom Again

Boy do I ever want to buy a motorcycle. I used to ride, then sold my bike when my sons got to the age where there T-Ball games, Soccer games, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts etc. were more important. Buell Lightning Long (XB12Ss) - this would be a really good birthday present Those were great times, and I don’t begrudge one bit the time that I spent in a car, van or truck.

But the boys are pretty much beyond needing me to ferry them around any more, and I’m wanting to get back riding again.

It doesn’t help that my good friend Allen rides to work every day and I see his bike parked there next to my truck. Beckonning, calling, tempting me.

And then today I see this. Dream House 500 Ride Poster “The Dream House 500 is a charity fundraising event to support Dream House for Medically Fragile Children” — and its beginning/ending point is practically right here in my back yard.

Now I have a “need” to find the buck$ and get back on two wheels within the next month or so.

I know, I know… “Need is a relative thing these days, It borders on desire” *

But still… it’s for the kids.

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